Nikon, at the heart of the image

Nikon, world leader in the field of cameras, picture processing and lenses, is also in the 21st century still authoritative, thanks to their popular and high qualtiy analogue and digital cameras, from COOLPIX consumer line to the sophisticated professional digital reflexcameras.
Come and visit us at www.nikon.be


Garmin, the world leader in GPS and navigation systems is the first official partner of the Touareg Trail. All of the organisation vehicles are equipped with the GPSMAP 278C. This system has been recommended by Garmin, due to its exceptional resistance to rough terrain, it’s precision and reliability. As a partner, Garmin does not only supply GPS material but also technical and logistical support for Touareg Trail. During the rally the organisation has the added value of utilising the knowledge and years of experience Garmin personnel has accumulated in the field of navigation and GPS positioning. In addition, participants will receive a training session learning how to use the full capabilities of the Garmin GPS system. For more information: www.garmin.com


Net7 completely and transparently manages your computer systems 24/24 and 7 days a week. You keep a permanent control of your infrastructure and can watch real time our management tools. Visit our site: www.net7.be


Ducktrail supplies rallies near you with 2CV’s! In the Netherlands and Belgium Ducktrail organises ‘2CV rally’s for the true adventurers’. With 47 old-timer 2CV’s and even a 2CV limousine we organise corporate events for groups of 20-96 people. In 2005, an all girl team participated in Touareg Trail. For more information please visit our site: www.ducktrail.nl.


Would you like to get your business noticed ? Fidra is specialized in printing promotional textiles. We offer a complete range of products, wich will give any message maximum impact. Fidra is proud to be supplying all the printed material to the Libya Desert Challenge and the touareg trail - ranging from banners to our exclusive Aventos® beachflag – everything they need to achieve the image and visibility that they deserve. You too can discover our complete range of products and discover how they will improve your companies’visibility on our website. www.fidra.be

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