In order to ensure, as much as possible, the smooth running of the rally during the trip there is a team of approx 15-20 key personnel with roles such as; chefs, mechanics, doctor, discovery teams, 4x4 and truck drivers and physiotherapist. Below please find a short introduction and overview of the core team:

Gert Duson

Gert Duson, MD of Living Stone Projects Ltd, is the initiator and driver behind the Touareg Trail. After many years of intense solo expeditions and participation in humanitary convoys he teamed up with Christophe Porteman to complete the crossings from Brussels to Capetown in a 2CV and Brussels to Dakar in a Renault R4. As a result of these travels Gert has a personal experience in 37 African countries. Following his latest adventure in the 2 CV from Brussels to Capetown Gert wrote a book (entitled ‘Een vreemde eend in Afrika’; translated: ‘A strange duck (colloquial terminology for a 2CV!) in Africa’) and has given numerous presentations on this subject.

We shortly present some other members of the organisation team


Frank Elsermans - Mecanic

With 30 years of experience as an independant 2CV garagist and mecanic, Frank is head of the Technical Assistance Team. His job : armed with a big load of spare parts, a towing truck and 3 collegue-mecanics, taking care that all participants reach the finish. For more information : call 00 32 475 363721 or e-mail



Sven Vermeulen - Mecanic

Since 2007 member of the Touareg-Trail Organisation Team and co-pilot and inseparable companion of Frank Elsermans. Typical for Sven is his eternal smale, whith which he performs his job a 2VC mecanic.In daily life, Sven is nurse, and earlier he worked 3 years at Franks’s garage.

Contact Sven on



David Dierens - Mecanic

Since 2007 member of the Touareg-Trail Organisation Team. As most of our mecanics, is David since the age of 18 a die-hard 2CV driver & mecanic with a passion for extreme 2CV off-road driving.



Erik Branders - Mecanic

Since 2009 memeber of the Touareg-Trail Organisation Team and co-pilot and personal friend of David Dierens. Just like David, Erik is a die-hard off-road 2CV driver, and member of the 2CV club “ De Heistse Bokkerijders”.



Benny De Laet - Catering

Benny is since 2010, together with his girlfriend Daisy Meir and his assistant Diane, the new cook for the Touareg-Trail .
With their Iveco Daily 4x4, they take care of the off-road catering at the most remote locations. Benny manages in daily life an outdoor sport company in Flanders, where you can kayak and mountainbike.


Bart Van Rompaey - Truckdriver & Mecanicien

Since 2009 member of the Touareg-Trail Organisation Team. Bart is a technical wonderboy, and altough he participates in the first place as a logistician and as driver for the Iveco 6x6 assistance truck, you can find him every evening somewhere near the mecanics, ready to give them a hand.


Joris Smets - Truckdriver & logistics

Joris is probably the biggest Touareg-Trail fan. After a first participation at the Meet&Greet of Touareg-Trail 2005, he entered and finished the next 4 editions from 2006 to 2009 in the same 2CV.
In 2010, Joris became a memeber of the Organisation Team as a logistician driver of the Iveco 6x6 assistance truck.



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