Although Touareg Trail is mainly a fun and adventurous expedition, we also believe in the philosophy of giving something in return to help and support those people of the countries we visit. During the previous editions participants got sponsorship to support the following various charity projects in Africa or in their own country:



  • Advocats Sans Frontières - Africa
  • The Mucoviscidosis Foundation - Belgium
  • NGO Protos - Benin
  • Project Sousseo - Benin
  • Oxfam - Belgium
  • Mama Cash - Holland
  • Kom op tegen kanker (Fight Cancer!) - Belgium



The Touareg Trail organisation itself has been working together with the NGO Protos to build a well in the south of Benin. More info about this project will shortly be published here.

Do you know a project that deserves our support, let us know via: e-mail.

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